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What is Skinergy 3-24?

Skinergy 3-24 was created to provide professional skincare therapists with an exclusive range, available in-salon and per prescription through professional channels.

Containing the latest high-quality ingredients, incorporated at the best percentage to ensure efficacy, these products ensure phenomenal results in the treatment room.

Formulated to address specific conditions and concerns, it enables the creation of a bespoke treatment to address your client’s specific needs.

Why 3-24?

Protect, Preserve and Prevent, 24 hours a day. Skinergy 3-24 has been formulated to protect the skin barrier, preserve the natural ability to heal and renew itself, and through this prevent the occurrence of skin concerns. Through the synergistic combination of active and cosmetic ingredients, Skinergy offers result-driven outcomes 24 hours a day.

The 3-24 range was developed with the following key principles in mind:

Result Driven:
Our active ingredients have been carefully selected to work synergistically in treating common skin concerns through a multi-faceted approach ensuring the best result. Our products have been developed through a combination of different molecular sizes and transportation methods to target all layers of the epidermis and dermis to ensure a result-based outcome.

Skinergy formulations are continually being reviewed and renewed to ensure we are including the latest and greatest cosmetic grade actives, ingredients, and botanicals to deliver long-lasting skin improvement.

Holistic Approach:
During the development and formulation stages of Skinergy, we considered a holistic skincare approach, incorporating natural ingredients to assist the skin’s microbiome and cellular communication, thereby addressing the causes of skin conditions rather than just treating symptoms.

Each ingredient has been extensively researched to ensure we only use the best and safest cosmetically approved ingredients, at the correct and most efficacious concentrations in the formulation, to ensure optimal results.

Each ingredient was carefully selected to be 100% vegan. Containing mostly natural ingredients and being free from toxic additives, vegan skincare is better for the environment and safer for your skin.

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